27 April 2022

10 million Dacias

  • Dacia has just produced the 10 millionth vehicle in its history.
  • Dacia, a brand that continues to grow.


Wednesday, April 20, Mioveni plant (Romania), a Urban Gray Duster Extreme L.E. just off the assembly line, takes a commemorative and highly symbolic photo. It is indeed the 10 millionth Dacia vehicle produced since the birth of the brand.

Cumulative number of Dacia vehicles produced, in millions.


  • 2,6 million Dacia Sandero & Sandero Stepway, the best-selling vehicle to individuals in Europe since 2017
  • 2,3 million Dacia 1300 (and variants)
  • 2,1 million Dacia Duster, the best-selling SUV to private customers in Europe since 2018
  • 1,95 million Dacia Logan and Logan MCV

We are very proud to have passed the symbolic milestone of 10 million vehicles produced. This result rewards a pragmatic vision of the automobile, focused on what is really essential for our customers.

Building on its experience, Dacia will continue to grow and to offer attractive vehicles that are adapted to our customers' lifestyles.

Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia & LADA



Dacia started assembling its very first vehicle, the Dacia 1100, in August 1968.

The following year, the iconic Dacia 1300 model gave birth to a whole family of derivatives (sedan, station wagon, sports coupe, LCV). It remained in production for 35 years and has left its mark on the Romanian automotive landscape.

The takeover of the brand by Renault Group in 1999 opened a new chapter in the history of Dacia.

With the launch of Logan in 2004, Dacia became an international carmaker and the pace of sales accelerated. In 2005, Dacia opens a production line outside Romania, at the Somaca plant in Casablanca (Morocco).

The expansion of the model range (Sandero, Duster, etc.) and their immediate successes make it necessary to expand production capacity:

  • inauguration of a brand-new plant in the port city of Tangier (Morocco) in 2012,
  • opening in 2016 of a production line in Oran, exclusively for the Algerian market,
  • production of Spring, Dacia's first 100% electric vehicle, will start in 2020 at the Shyian plant in China.

Dacia vehicles are currently sold in 44 countries, mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

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The Dacia Story

Born in 1968 then relaunched by Renault Group from 2004 all across Europe and Mediterranean countries, Dacia has always offered the best value for money cars, by constantly redefining the essentials.

As a game-changer, Dacia proposes simple, multi-purpose, reliable cars in tune with customers’ lifestyles.

Dacia models became a reference on the market: Logan, the new car at the price of a used one; Sandero, the best-selling retail car in Europe each year since 2017; Duster, the best-selling SUV to European private customers since 2018; Spring, the champion of the accessible electric mobility; Jogger, the C-segment versatile family car.

Present in 44 countries, Dacia has sold more than 7,5 million vehicles since 2004.

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