June 8, 2021


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    • Dacia Spring: great public acclaim! 
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On June 17th, Dacia will step out into a new world. 


… around the world with Dacia 

Dacia, proven its worth on the road… and built to go the distance!  

Taxis drivers around the world have embraced Dacia as their go-to car. With hundreds of thousands of kilometres on the metre, these Dacia cars have travelled multiple times around the world. 

j38e2sxh5k-php67g5hs16 trips around the world for Tommy from Denmark. Tommy has covered 645,000 kilometres behind the wheel of his Lodgy. During his 26 years as a taxi driver, he has driven several cars and says his Lodgy is "the best car he’s ever had."

In the 5 years since he bought his Lodgy, it hasn’t spent a single day off the roads! He has only had to change a few parts for wear and tear, and the clutch.  

Now 72, he plans on buying another Dacia on August 1st to finish off his career as taxi driver with total peace of mind.
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25 times around the world, all on one engine! What an achievement for Matei who has driven 1,000,000 km with a Logan LPG that he bought back in 2008. This Romanian has a secret recipe for a long life: have your car checked every 15,000 km, always use a Dacia garage, and always use the oil recommended by the mechanic.  

His story too has travelled around the world.
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46 trips around the world with two Logan MCV! In 2007, Ibrahim bought his first Logan MCV, which he then drove for more than 675,000 km on Algerian roads. In 2012, he was ready to live the Dacia experience again with another Logan MCV 1.5 dCi, which he has since used to cover more than 1,200,000km, and it still has the original engine.  

l6ullacqd4-phpsfj8lo75 or 3 million kilometres in total! This is the performance achieved in Morocco since 2015 by Mohcineddine and his brother with their 4 Lodgy taxis on particularly tough roads combining heat, dust or even the altitude of the High-Atlas.  





These are just a few of the many regular examples that demonstrate how robust and reliable Dacia vehicles really are. A deeply embedded feature of the brand’s DNA.   



mwlwixfsrn-phpgj7fdrThe arrival of spring was celebrated by Dacia: Spring, the 100% electric urban car with an SUV look, was made available for on-line pre-orders.

So far, it has been a hit with nearly 16,000 customers across Europe who have already placed an order. Beyond pre-orders, there have been more than 22,000 leads, prospects asking for more information and who may even go on to order their own Spring.  

With springtime coming to an end, Dacia Spring is now entering its next phase: orders are now open… marking a major step, whereas many pre-orders and leads as possible will be turned into firm orders.  

Each new season brings a new chapter: first deliveries will start this autumn. 



At the 5th Auto Trader New Car Awards (UK), Dacia won ‘Best Value Brand’ for the third time (previously won in 2018 and 2019).  

It is an important award for our brand as it reflects the votes of some 148,000 car owners in the UK. Thereby making Dacia a consumer favourite in the UK!  

63bx5pl3gx-phps4r3d1Consumers want great value for money, and at Dacia, we offer customers quality cars for the most affordable prices. Being recognised by car owners as Best Value Brand at the Auto Trader New Car Awards solidifies what Dacia’s philosophy is all about. With our most advanced, highest-quality and most accomplished car now launched – The All-New Sandero and Stepway – we will keep the momentum going

Luke Broad, Dacia UK Sales Manager 

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fxszzp6kiq-php2lb3ulSince 2013, Dacia has been a partner company of mountain rescue associations in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.

Every year, Dacia loans them three Dusters so their rescue teams can transport equipment, rescue dogs, and survivors in hard-to-reach locations. Volunteers risk their lives to help others. They showed us how they put these vehicles to god use. 
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Contact Jérôme Delgrange +33 176 846 876

  • Duster TCe 130  
  • Duster TCe 150   
  • Duster dCi 115  
  • Duster TCe 100 ECO-G (LPG) 
  • All-New Sandero TCe 90  
  • All-New Sandero Stepway TCe 100 ECO-G (LPG) 
  • All-New Sandero Stepway TCe 90 CVT 
  • All-New Spring (Business Version) 

Other vehicles on request 

The Dacia brand is part of the Renault Group. Dacia is present in 44 countries, mainly based in Europe and the Mediterranean perimeter. Created in Romania in 1968, the brand was bought and relaunched by the Renault Group with the arrival of Dacia Logan in 2004. Dacia proposes the best value for money cars within the market. Thanks to its star models – Logan, Sandero & Duster – the brand has become a success story. To date, Dacia has sold more than 7 million vehicles. 

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