13 December 2021

Simple and smart like Dacia – making Duster customers happy with UP & GO

  • Available with the New Dacia Duster since September, the UP & GO package has already seduced 10,000 customers.
  • Launched in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the UP & GO package allowed customers to take advantage of shorter delivery times and a car loaded with options, all at an affordable Dacia price.
  • This offer represents more than 25% of Duster customer orders in these 4 countries.
  • Building on this success, Dacia aims to extend its offer to new markets and other models in the range such as Jogger and Sandero.

A simple package

Dacia has developed the UP & GO package to remain close to its customers and to meet their actual needs.

The UP & GO package is available with the New Duster 4x2 bi-fuel petrol-LPG ECO-G 100 and the New Duster 4x2 diesel dCi 115.

The UP & GO package adds, to the Prestige version, Multiview Camera (4 cameras to facilitate manoeuvres) and the hands-free card. The diesel engine fit also comes with a spare wheel, resulting in a customer saving of €250 in France. These models are exempt from France’s ecological penalty in 2021 and 2022.

An attractive package

The UP & GO package has already appealed to 10,000 customers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The promise of reduced delivery times and additional options is attracting an ever-wider customer base.

Furthermore, the UP & GO package facilitates the customer journey as configuration, including the choice of engine fit and colour, takes less than a minute. It structures dialogue between customers and dealerships by getting straight to the point to respond to the needs expressed while also presenting considerable savings.

Delivery times are reduced (on average 30 days less for the first 4,000 deliveries) by taking advantage of a finely tuned manufacturing programme and a special distribution process through to the delivery location.

The UP & GO package already accounts for more than a quarter of orders for the Dacia Duster in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The UP & GO package is widely appreciated by our customers. It combines a number of advantages to both the product and the service, with options our customers want and guaranteed faster delivery, which is something really expected. It’s simple and smart.

Xavier Martinet, Dacia Marketing, Sales & Operations Director




The UP & GO package enables the Dacia Duster to continue its acceleration in the French market, where 7,783 Dusters (sold to retail customers) have been registered since 1 September (source PFA/AAA DATA). These figures help the Dacia Duster to climb further up the list of Top 10 highest selling cars in France since the start of the year (27,729 registered, 1.8% market share), while the Dacia Sandero continues to challenge at the front of the pack (67,778 registered, 4.5% market share).

Born in 1968 then launched from 2004 all across Europe and Mediterranean countries, Dacia has always offered the best value for money cars, by constantly redefining the essentials. As a game-changer, Dacia proposes simple, multi-purpose, reliable cars in tune with its customers lifestyles. Dacia models became a reference on the market: Logan, the brand-new car at the price of a used one; Sandero, the most sold car to European private customers; Duster, the most affordable SUV; Spring, the champion of the accessible electric mobility in Europe. Dacia is a Renault Group brand, present in 44 countries. Since 2004, Dacia has sold more than 7 million vehicles.

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